Highly Recommended!

In the Fall of 2015 I begin my search to purchase a home in the Fort Worth Area. I needed a good, experienced Realtor. I used a well-known Radio personality that I trusted who endorsed local Real Estate Agents as a starting point to finding a Realtor. I interviewed one person in the Keller area and  decided that we weren’t going to be a fit because he required I sign several contracts before they would do any work for me. Next I came across Brian St. Clair. Brian seemed like he understood this industry very well and Real Estate was clearly a full time profession for him. Brian was so helpful and friendly. He got me set up on the MLS to search homes quickly. He answered promptly all my emailed questions, voicemails and text messages. He was never pushy and was always willing to schedule time to go visit homes with me. After looking over several homes we decided that for me the best thing was to build a home. Brian helped me locate a builder in the area that caught my eye. Brian worked diligently with the builder, selling agent and myself to ensure all my needs were covered. He always kept me in the loop and took the time to educate me on the “material elements” of the transactions and contracts. Brian was always available with options for whatever I needed but never pushed me to do something to get a paycheck. He was always there to explain to offer me options available to me but then let me make the decision. I really appreciated that. His experience in the industry, his contacts with all professionals involved and his past experience working for a home builder really made a difference throughout the buying process. All together from the time I made the first call until the time we closed on the house Brian and I worked together for nearly 10 months. Brian never stopped contacting me once he got paid. He has several times reached out to see how I am doing and to answer questions I have about my home purchase. I will be using Brian in the future and referring him to friends and family. I would also highly recommend Brian St. Clair to ANYONE that is need of a Realtor in the DFW area. Dave S. – Fort Worth, TX